SEMA EXPERIENCE V11.0: The Easy Way to Build on a Slope

On the trade fairs in spring and summer 2009, SEMA will introduce a completely new module called ‘Terrain Designer’. Many customers asked for it and so SEMA integrated this new module into the SEMA EXPERIENCE V11.0 program package, which makes it fast and simple to use.

The easy way to build on a slope,

or on the coast:

With this new program part, any topography can be created and visualized directly with the timber construction program.

And, of course, it is also possible to automatically create sectional views of buildings on a slope where all the height information is displayed as well.

Nevertheless, the SEMA programmers were able to keep operation as simple as possible and user-friendly.
Structural Analysis Perfectly Integrated

This is as easy as it gets: Timber and steel components can be analysed directly during the design stage - whether it is in Ground Plan or in 3D - and then be optionally transferred to the FRILO structural analysis software. All geometric data, component dimensions and material codes are automatically taken into account.
FRILO - A Strong Partner

The company Friedrich + Lochner, with their main office in Stuttgart, Germany, has been developing calculation programs for structural analysis for 30 years. The new generation of standards with semi-probalistic safety concepts is quite a challenge for construction engineers as well as for software developers

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