TopSolid 2010 has been designed to specifically provide solutions for our customers needs. This new 2010 release offers new features for design and manufacturing in mechanical engineering, tool making and wood industry. Just watch them and enjoy!. Here is a quick preview of some of what's in store in the latest version of TopSolid 2010.
Management of symmetrical parts
In mechanical engineering it is fairly common to have to produce a right and left hand part. It is evident that the operator does not want to reprogram the left hand part when he has already programmed the right hand part. However, it is not enough to make the machining operations symmetrical. The user needs to ensure he is using climbing cutting (as opposed to conventional cutting) on the right hand and left hand part. TopSolid’Cam’s functions to create symmetrical parts ensure that the correct cutting direction is maintained.
Changing cutting conditions
TopSolid’Cam 2010 manages the modification, in 1 click, of the cutting conditions of several operations, notably rotation speeds and feed speeds. Thus the user can edit the cutting conditions after the event without having to edit the cutting operations themselves or without necessarily having detailed knowledge of TopSolid’Cam programming.
Faster and more efficient
Thanks to the possibility to carry out parallel calculations with the new multi-core processors TopSolid’Cam 2010 offers dramatically reduced calculation times (a reduction of 50-75% depending on the number of cores) notably in 3-5 axis operations which require a lot of power.
Advanced simulation
A new control during the simulation process now permits swiss turning machines to be better managed. Users can now also navigate backwards from the last NC program line simulated. Many other improvements have also been generated via this new control.
Data recovery
Import and export to and from several CAD solution to improve the communication and collaboration with CATIA®, IGES, DXF, STEP, SAT,

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