Available Materials Regarding DF 5.7.3:

1. A one-page INC Solver data sheet.
2. A Power-Point presentation outlining key features of the INC Solver.
3. An updated DFE User's Manual. DFE Section 6.7 is the designated INC Solver User's Manual.
4. The User’s Manual is also available by clicking the “Help Menu” in the DFE application.
5. A set of (7) cases in the DFE Tutorial Manual includes INC Solver content.


A DF 5.7.3 price list is now available for distributors. There is an additional line item for the INC Solver, which is an add-on item for existing DYNAFORM and DFE users.

For releases after DF 5.7.3, such as DF 5.8, the DFE module will automatically include the INC Solver in a bundled package.

The INC Solver is priced per 4-Cores CPU. For example, if the computer system has a 8-Core CPU, the price is doubled.


A DF 5.7.3 license key will activate the INC Solver plus all other licenses within existing DF 5.7.X. All licensing procedures and practices are the same as previous versions. User should copy the “eta.lic” file in both the installation directory and the INC Solver installation directory.

Available Platform:

The INC Solver is only available on Windows platform, including Windows XP and Win 7. It is not available for Unix or Linux.

It is highly recommended that you use DFE’s Job Submitter in conjunction with INC Solver application. It is possible to use the pre-/post-processor in Unix and Linux system, while using Windows to run the INC Solver. Please make a special request for this application.

It is highly recommended that you use the Intel Multiple-Core computing platform.


The installation procedure is identical to DF 5.7.X. Server and floating licenses are available on request. It is possible to install the INC solver as a standalone code. To do this, please use the Input File produced by DF 5.7.3 for an execution without ETA’s Job Submitter.

Summary of Capability:

Integrated in DFE module to support die face engineering applications:

1. Gravity-Load and Binder Wrap Simulation
2. Crush-Forming Simulation
3. Single-Action Tooling Simulation
4. Double-Action Tooling Simulation
5. Lancing Operation
6. Springback Simulation

Quick Setup is provided to support these simulations. Job Submitter is part of the Quick Setup for managing the jobs execution and multiple jobs.

It is highly recommended that you reference the User’s Manual and run at least one of the tutorial cases to get familiar with the Quick Setup, “Best Practices” and INC Solver execution.

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