PRO/II version 8.3 continues the PRO/II tradition of offering the finest simulation models and tools. Enhancements in all areas of the program are incorporated in this release. Invensys Process Systems continually adds new capabilities. For a summary of defects fixed and other important notices about installation, security and documentation, please refer to the Release Notes for PRO/II 8.3. A sampling of the new features are briefly outlined here.

Upgrade to SIM4ME Version 3.3 Thermodynamics:

PRO/II has been upgraded to use the most recent version of SIM4ME thermodynamics. Additionally, the updated SIM4ME Thermodynamics has been integrated with TDM, the Thermodynamics Data Manager. This eliminates many inconsistencies between the two products. New features that this development brings to users include the following.

New Correlations for some property calculations

Component Databank cascading

User component data banks now are included in, and selectable from, the standard databank lists in PROVISION.

SIM4ME Portal Phase II Integration:

Integration of SIM4ME Portal Phase II allows PRO/II to utilize new functionality within the Portal, including:

case studies,

multi- simulation linking, and

assay input information access.

PROVISION Support for Keyword-only Features

Previously available only through key words, the following features now are fully supported by the Graphical User Interface:

Method-specific component search order: The GUI now supports each thermodynamic METHOD set using its own specific databank search order. Previously, the GUI only allowed the same search order for all METHOD sets in the simulation.

Component-specific databank search order: The PROVISION Graphical User Interface now supports a separate databank search order for each component.

Solids Unit Operations: The PROVISION Graphical User Interface now supports these additional solids-handling unit operations:

Solids Dryer

Rotary Drum Filter


Upstream Unit Operation: Long available only through key words, this unit now is fully supported in PROVISION. This unit provides four different modes of operation that simulate different methods of preparing laboratory and applying it to a simulation. A fifth option, the "Stream Selector", allows changing feeds to a unit in parametric studies.

Customizable Language Module Infrastructure:

A new infrastructure provides a repeatable process for customizing many PRO/II features to interact with users in local languages other than English. PRO/II features that support this include:

Upgraded Biofuels Application Examples:

The bioethanol application examples in the Applib folder of the PRO/II installation directory tree have been upgraded. They have been completely rewritten and now are up-to-date.

New for PRO/II Version 8.2
Vista Compliance
PRO/II version 8.2 is the first version to be compliant with the Vista operating system from Microsoft.

All executable modules and libraries have been rebuilt using .Net 2003 tools, including:

Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003
Microsoft Visual C++ version 7.0 compiler
Intel Visual Fortran version 10.0.27 compiler
Additionally, the PRO/II on-line Help has been upgraded to Microsoft HTML Help, the standard for the Vista operating system.

New Option and Behavior for CURVEFIT of Assay Components
A new CURRENT option is available.
The older IMPROVED method now is called the VER8 method.
PRO/II now requires explicit declaration of a CURVEFIT method.
Learn more about new Curve Fit options.
Heavy Oil Method for Liquid Viscosity
This correlation improves the prediction of liquid viscosity for heavier hydrocarbon fractions, especially at lower temperatures where liquid viscosity may change dramatically with small temperature changes.

Learn more about the Heavy Oil Method for Liquid Viscosity

Alpha Coefficient Forms Supported by GUI
Previous versions of the ProVision Graphical User Interface only allowed filling pure component alpha coefficients. Only keyword input allowed the use any of the available equation forms (about 11 forms). Now, the Graphical User Interface supports all the available forms.

Learn more about GUI support for Alpha Coefficient Equation Forms

CHEMDIST CVAR Options for Composition Calculations
New options LINEAR, LOG, and ADAPTIVE each specify a different mathematical basis for performing compositions. These may enhance convergence in the CHEMDIST column algorithm in certain circumstances.

Learn more about the new CHEMDIST options.

BATCHFRAC? Initial Estimate Generators Now Available
Most situations that formerly required user-supplied profile data now may be eliminated by using either of the two initial estimate generators now available. Both estimators generate initial temperature, vapor composition, and liquid composition profiles.

Learn more about the BATCHFRAC Initial Estimate Generators

New API Calculation Methods for Refinery Inspection Properties
The Modular Thermodynamics package now implements new API calculation methods for specific refinery inspection properties. Starting with version 8.3, PRO/II fully supports these properties through the PROVISION User Interface as well as through key words. The new methods and the properties to which

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