Mastercam X4 MU2
Mastercam X4 includes many exciting new tools, including:

* Multi-threading
* New Dynamic Mill toolpath
* Feature Based Machining (FBM) Drill enhancements
* Feature Based Machining (FBM) Mill enhancements
* Tree-style dialog boxes for 2D toolpaths
* New toolpath refinement delivers improved 3D surface finish
* New Circle 5-axis toolpath
* Multiple materials for generic Mastercam Automatic Toolpathing (ATP)
* Nesting drag-and-drop support
* Vertical/horizontal cut-off options in Nesting
* Updated dialogs for Lathe C-axis toolpaths
* Lathe grooving enhancements
* Support for Agie EDM with Agievision controls
* Post debugger enhancements and new features
* New Dynamic Plane creation method for defining parameters
* Level Manager improvements and reorganization
* Viewsheet improvements
* Wireframe feature recognition in chaining
* User-customizable setup sheet
* Rewritten surface fillet code to improve surfaces
* New Dynamic Xform function
* And much more…

Mastercam X4 MU2 is a cumulative installation that contains all of the bug fixes in X4 MU1 and more. All of the translators have also been updated to the 2010 versions. This must be installed on top of Mastercam X4 or X4 MU1. If X4 MU1 is already installed on a system, the "Mastercam X4 MU1" entry in Add / Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows™ Vista and 7) will be replaced with the MU2 entry. If MU2 is uninstalled, your Mastercam version will be rolled back to X4.

You must have maintenance through 09-30-09 to run X4 MU2. The Mastercam.exe version number is

Remember, all X4 or X4 MU1 third-party add-ons or CHooks need to be rebuilt with the Mastercam X4 MU2 SDK. Please contact your vendor for updated versions of these applications.

To install:

1. Click on the mastercamx4-mu2-pc2.exe link and save it to your computer.
2. After the download is complete, double click on the *.exe to begin the installation.
3. Follow the installation instructions.

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