LISCAD has the power to perform. It is intuitive and easy to use as well as being flexible and adaptable to your procedures
includes creation and editing of objects, easy reduction of survey observations, DTM’s, volumes, long sections and cross sections, civil engineering design and transfer of data to and from a wide range of other software packages. It's intuitive design and in-built tutorials makes it easy to use and learn.
LISCAD is a portfolio of integrated land surveying and civil engineering software modules. With LISCAD, you can purchase only the modules that you require for your specific needs, and at a later date purchase additional modules as you require them.

LISCAD is continually being enhanced with many new features throughout the system. Please take the time to explore the latest new features, because in doing so, we believe LISCAD will make you far more productive.
ISCAD Version 9.0 Surveying and Engineering Software. LISCAD 9.0 introduces a multitude of new features and enhancements requested by customers around the world, making it even more powerful and comprehensive, while maintaining its intuitive ease of use. Some of the new features include:

* CAD support for image files.
* Colour fill of polygons enhancing the existing hatching functionality.
* Optional use of slope distance when creating new objects.
* Exploding of symbols into their components for easy manipulation and editing.
* South oriented projections including the South African projections.
* Huge speed increases when importing large projects.
* Define blocks (regions of the project) based on centre of the desired region.
* Export of ESRI shape files.
* Export and Import MicroStation V8. This includes enhanced support for export of MicroStation text nodes, text styles, level name and background images; also you can now export to MicroStation without requiring a seed file. There is also enhanced support for import of MicroStation text nodes, complex shapes and strings, shared cell references and referenced files. Finally, cells can be exploded when importing to display as in MicroStation.
* Enhanced support for AutoCAD including import/export of hatch entities, as well as import of paper space, AutoCAD units and reference files.
* New field sensors and data formats are supported including the latest Leica FlexLine range of instruments, Carlson SurvCE and enhanced support for TDS Survey pro.
* Progressive cut and fill volumes of elevation slices interacting with two irregular surfaces.
* Numerous new and enhanced reports and data conversions (including GML).
* Certified for Windows Vista.

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