CFDesign v10

he CFdesign Base Analysis System is a complete upfront CFD solution. It supplies everything you need to drive multi-scenario flow and thermal design studies from your CAD system.

The solution scope of the Base System can be expanded with 3 add-on modules: Advanced, Motion, and UVCalc. The HPC module is an add-on for those wanting faster simulation results on a Core i7 desktop or over a Windows cluster.

Essential Elements of the CFdesign Base Analysis System
Design Study Environment
The fastest, most flexible environment for setting up single or multi-scenario flow and thermal design studies.

Decision Center
Innovative tools for assessing performance comparatively against competing designs as well as specified critical values. Quickly identify pass-fail then down-select for more focused investigation.

Design Review Center
The ultimate visual design exploration experience built to simplify and sharpen the decision-making process. This is where you will get the money shots – views and knowledge not available from the lab.

Lightweight Scenario Cloning
Instantly create lightweight copies of designs and scenarios to dramatically reduce the load on computer memory and graphics.

Design Study Manager
Clean and simple way to set up and manage comprehensive flow and thermal design studies involving multiple designs and scenarios within your CAD environment.

The CFdesign Answer System
The best, most comprehensive user Help system in the industry. Tap into an on-demand knowledge ecosystem to find the answers you need when and how you need them.

Core i7 Support
2.5x speed up out of the box makes multi-scenario design studies practical.

CFdesign 3D Viewer
A powerful platform for sharing interactive design studies with peers, suppliers, and even downstream customers. So simple to use even the Marketing department will want it!

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