HSM Performance Pack for Mastercam

* Fixed potential rest material issue when not using job stock.
* Improved linking smoothness for various strategies.
* Fixed potential scallop ordering issue.
* Improved support for zig-zag ramp for pocket.
* Fixed adaptive clearing machining boundary issue.
* Fixed wrong toolpath position issue for backplot and verify.
* Fixed inch issue for flat area machining for pocket and contour.
* Improved linking for pencil and scallop.
* Fixed potential generation issue for contour, pocket, and adaptive.
* Fixed wrong zig-zag ramp issue for pocket.
* Fixed ramp feedrate issue for swarf.
* Fixed potential failure to generate adaptive toolpath.
* Improved spiral machining of circular pockets for 2D pocket.
ere is a list of some of the new and important features.

1. Improved toolpath generating algorithms for faster toolpath calculation time.
2. Support for multi-CPU and multi-core systems. All surface strategies in HSM have support for multiple CPUs/cores when calculating a single operation but some strategies perform better than others. This means that the calculation time is significantly reduced. All new PCs purchased today are mostly quad core systems.
3. Support for Windows x64 (both XP and Vista). This means that HSM can utilize all installed memory in the PC which again means that the user will be able to run larger jobs without having to break up the jobs in multiple operations.
4. Improved toolpath quality.
5. Support for tight tolerances (below 1um). This allows you to avoid facets on machined parts with very small curvatures.
6. Improved rest machining from previous tool.
7. Improved linking toolpath.
8. Improved handling of vertical walls.
9. Improved feedback during toolpath calculation.
10. Added support for thin walls.
11. Added backplot with additional features.
12. Added verify with additional features.
13. Added new arc fitting filter for reduced calculation time, better toolpath quality, and support for even bigger toolpaths.
14. Added support for automatic toolpath length detection for the specified holder.
15. Added support for check surfaces.
16. Added swarf strategy.
17. Improved linking for reduced machining time.

Features that have changed
Here is a list of features that have been removed or changed compared to HSM Performance Pack 2.

1. Center for radial and spiral are now specified as center points on the geometry page.
2. Entry positions are now specified on the geometry page.
3. The spike parameters have been removed due to better handling of walls.
4. The depth limits relative to tool center has been removed.
5. Rest material resolution parameter has been removed for pocket.
6. Rest from tool is not supported for pocket.
7. Corner deviation has been removed for contour. A similar feature is going to be added later.
8. The bounding box of the defined job is now used when doing rest from previous operations.
9. The stepdown parameter has been removed for scallop.
10. Link by cluster option has been removed.

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