AGILENT-IC-CAP-V2009 for win_Linux

The Integrated Circuit Characterization & Analysis Program (IC-CAP) is the industry standard platform for DC and High Frequency measurement and modeling of semiconductor devices. IC-CAP 2009 continues to provide innovative modeling solutions by introducing two new turn-key modeling packages for extracting Corner Models for MOS devices and the BSIMSOI4 model for Silicon On Insulator (SOI) MOS devices. For the first time, IC-CAP 2009 adopts a new platform and user interface (UI) technology which dramatically improves the performance, responsiveness and provides a better look-and-feel of the product. In addition, this new release introduces several platform enhancements in the areas of PEL, graphics and instrument drivers.
New Corner Modeling Extraction

* New User Interface (UI) Technology — improves productivity, responsiveness, and look & feel; all turn-key MOS Modeling Packages provide a newly redesigned UI of the extraction flow
* New Corner Modeling and Library Verification Extraction Package — enables extraction and verification of MOS corner models based on statistical process information
* New Extraction Package for BSIMSOI4 MOS Model — enables turn-key DC and RF extraction of Berkeley’s BSIMSOI4 model for silicon on insulator (SOI) MOS devices
* Updated Extraction for the PSP MOS Model — new powerful Global extraction for PSP model provides more choices and flexibility in the PSP extraction flow
* Support for CV measurements with the Agilent B1500A DC/CV Analyzer
* Programming Extraction Language (PEL) and Graphics Enhancements — enables more efficient programming and adds more flexibility

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