SURFCAM Velocity® 4 SP1, Powered by TrueMill® is now available to the public. This powerful release contains new features as well as enhancements from the SURFCAM user-base such as direct reading of SolidWorks Sketches, improved toolkits, and enhancements to 4-5 axis cutting. Click here to download Velocity 4 SP1 or contact your dealer for more information.

Among the features implemented in Velocity 4 are: brand-new 3-Axis High-Speed Machining strategies, top-quality HSM operations including Rest Machining, Offset Pencil Cut and 3D Offset. With Velocity 4’s new 4- and 5-Axis functionality, you gain total control of the tool motion during any event of the cutting process, thus ensuring best cutting conditions and safe tool motions.
SURFCAM offers true simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining, full visualization and verification. This enables the NC programmer to gain precise control over every aspect of multi-axis machining, ensuring safe tool motion in the most challenging applications. 4/5-Axis provides support for all standard tools with collision checking, avoidance, toolpath containment -- and more.

4/5-Axis Product highlights include: Milling Software Velocity Powered by TrueMill

* Multi-surface 4 and 5-axis machining.
* Full tool and shank gouge protection ensures safe tool moves in the most challenging applications.
* Full support for multiple gouge check strategies -- up to four separate groups of check surfaces.
* Control of surface gap and stepover handling, including lead in and lead out options.
* Retract options including plane, sphere and cylinder for increased tool control.
* Powerful tool axis control during swarf cutting.
* 5-axis drilling capabilities.
* Tool plane locking and limiting for enhanced control.
* Advanced vector control to provide toolpath optimization.
* Full visualization and verification.

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