MVTec- HALCON-v9.0.1

HALCON 9.0 licenses are also valid for HALCON 9.0.1. In contrast, all HALCON 8.0 licenses must be replaced or upgraded. Please contact your local distributor.

o HALCON Library

HALCON 9.0.1 is fully compatible with HALCON 9.0. Compared to HALCON 8.0, many extensions have been introduced. Thus, the HALCON 9.0.1 libraries are not compatible with HALCON 8.0 or earlier versions.

o HALCON Applications

Applications (i.e., executables) developed with HALCON 9.0 can be used with HALCON 9.0.1, i.e., HALCON 9.0.1 is binary compatible with HALCON 9.0.

The incompatibility with HALCON 8.0 or earlier versions mainly concerns the binaries, with only few changes in the language interfaces. If you encounter problems during recompiling your programs, please check the detailed description of changes below and for HALCON 9.0, respectively.

Please note the following source-code incompatibilities:

* Because problems concerning erroneous calculations for the polynomial camera model have been fixed, all camera parameters using the polynomial camera model obtained by camera_calibration or binocular_calibration cannot be used anymore and must be recomputed. Additionally, all 3D shape models, descriptor models, deformable models, and sheet-of-light models using the polynomial camera model must be recreated.
* Applications that use the operators find_uncalib_descriptor_model or find_calib_descriptor_model might need adapted parameter values because of the new point matching algorithm.
* Applications that use the operator points_lepetit might need adapted parameter values because of the modified score calculation of this operator.
* The output of gen_arrow_contour_xld for point pairs with identical start and end points has been changed so that now an XLD consisting of a single point is returned.
* Because problems concerning the assignment of the axes shown in the '3d_plot' paint mode have been fixed, all applications that supply a quaternion in the call to set_paint must be adapted.
* Because the error messages for wrong input control parameters returned by zoom_image_factor and zoom_image_size have been corrected, programs that evaluate the returned error messages must be adapted accordingly.

Please note that applications using HALCON/.NET (and HDevEngine/.NET) have local copies of the corresponding assemblies (halcondotnet.dll etc.). After installing HALCON 9.0.1, these applications would therefore still use the old HALCON versions. You must either replace the assemblies manually or re-compile the projects.

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