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Computer-aided refinement of building acoustics…

A successful building project is one which combines aesthetic appeal with a practical functionality. But how can you guarantee that people can talk to each other in comfort – or understand an important announcement? Can you be sure that a new housing development will not suffer from highway noise – or the factory that you want to build? Will the audience in cinemas, theaters, and concert halls be amazed at the exquisite sound quality – or be shocked by the echoes, flutters and muffled production? It is so easy to make a mistake – and fixing an acoustic problem by palliative treatments is very, very expensive.

LMS RAYNOISE is a computer-aided acoustic design and analysis system for the architect or building acoustician. It uses advanced acoustic ray tracing methods to predict the sound field produced from multiple sources at any location inside a 3D space and in the far field outside. It automatically handles complex interactions - such as multiple reflections from different surfaces. The results are shown in a variety of ways – from 1/3 octave spectra and echograms, to colormapped SPLs and a choice of sound quality metrics. You can even listen to how a performance would sound from any seat in the auditorium using binaural playback.

LMS RAYNOISE enables you to model, design, and even optimize the acoustic character of your project while it is still on the drawing board. You’ll be able to make well informed concept decisions; examine more candidate designs – and avoid the flawed concept altogether.

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