Etap-PowerStation-v7.0(ETАP Pоwer Stаtiоn, ETАP Enterprise Sоlution fоr Electricаl Pоwer Systеms)

Delivering Unmatched
Speed, Precision, & Reliability
Release 7.0 of the ETAP Enterprise Solution brings design and analysis innovation to a new level of advancement and provides the platform upon which future ETAP innovation will follow.
This release adds new powerful analysis modules and time-saving capabilities to the ETAP suite. This brochure highlights key functionality in Release 7.0 of ETAP, which encompasses a broad and robust set of new features and enhancements.


One-Line Diagram
- Auto-Select
- Keyboard Shortcuts
- Symbol Library

Load Analyzer

Single-Phase Arc Flash

Arc Flash Analyzer

Switching Management

- Solid State Trip Devices
- Cable
- Transmission Line
- Relay
- Battery

- Base Package
- Load Flow Analysis
- Arc Flash Analysis
- Transient Stability
- Harmonic Analysis
- Star Device Coordination / Selectivity
- Star Sequence-of-Operation
- Data Exchange

ETAP Real-Time
- Real-Time Server
- Advanced Monitoring
- Real-Time Simulation
- Automatic Generation Control
- Energy Accounting
- Load Forecasting
- Intelligent Load Shedding

ETAP 7.0 Brochure
ETАP Pоwer Stаtiоn, ETАP Enterprise Sоlution fоr Electricаl Pоwer Systеms

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