Simucad 2009 license

Simucad delivers a comprehensive set of EDA tools that enable companies around the world to design

analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. IC designers use our IC CAD products to design and

simulate analog circuits. Closure between manufacturing and design depends on accurately extracted

device models and accurate circuit simulation

Optimization Module for Compact/Macro-ModelingUTMOST IV represents the next generation in SPICE model

optimization software. Building on many years experience, UTMOST IV provides powerful tool for

developing SPICE models. UTMOST IV provides an easy to use tool for the generation of accurate,

compact models and macro-models for analog, mixed-signal and RF applications.
Key Features
Data storage and organization based on Firebird 64 bit relational database
High speed interface to SmartSpice provides rapid simulation without sacrificing the power and

accuracy of a full SPICE simulator
With unlimited model or macro-model complexity, UTMOST IV is capable of modeling any device
Scalable compact and macro-models, for passive or active devices is made easy using UTMOST IV
Easy data import from UTMOST III logfiles, or competitor data files
Family of advanced optimizers, including genetic type optimizers, makes extraction of even the most

complicated models an easy task
Any combination of data can be used during any optimization, e.g. multiple temperature, dc and

capacitance, etc.
The New Gold Standard Analog Circuit SimulatorSmartSpice delivers the highest performance and accuracy

required to design complex high precision analog circuits, analog mixed-signal circuits, analyze

critical nets, characterize cell libraries, etc.. SmartSpice is compatible with popular analog design

flows and foundry-supplied device models.
Key Features
100% HSPICE™ and SPECTRE™ compatible for netlists, models, analysis features, and results
Provides the most accurate circuit simulation results for critical analog designs

Offers largest capacity of any true SPICE circuit simulator – up to 400 thousand active devices in

32-bit and 8 million active devices in 64-bit version
Fastest run-time of any true SPICE circuit simulator and the only SPICE supporting multiple threads

for parallel operation
Multiple solvers and stepping algorithms for robust convergence
Largest collection of calibrated SPICE models for traditional technologies (Bipolar, CMOS) and

emerging technologies (TFT, SOI, HBT, FRAM, etc.)
Provides open model development environment and extensive analog behavioral capability with Verilog-A

Enables SEE (Single Event Effects) reliability analysis for nanometer scale designs
Schematic EditorGateway supports flat or hierarchical designs of any technology. Gateway readily accepts legacy designs from other schematic editors (PSPICE, ViewDraw, Composer, etc) through EDIF 200 standard. Gateway can be used by large design teams through global preferences and handles multiple designs and technologies with specific workspaces.
Key FeaturesPowerful schematic capture and editor functionality to create and modify multi-view, multi-sheet, hierarchical IC designs Seamless integration with SmartSpice Circuit Simulator that creates an interactive design environment with behavioral models, cross-probing, waveform display, and analysis Controls multi-user projects with shared work spaces for libraries of cells and symbols used by the design team Smooth transition from other schematic capture tools through

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