Numeca Fine 8.7.2

NUMECA International's product strategy is based on the development of automated and customized Flow Integrated Environments (FINETM). It allows for rapid design, simulation, and optimization of flow problems. Our software environments cover a wide range of applications while providing feature-specific modules and capabilities dedicated to specific areas of application.

Our FINE environments integrate CAD modeling capabilities, advanced pre- and post-processing software, powerful flow solvers, optimization kernels, and a wide range of multiphysics models.

NUMECA's grid generation software AutoGrid5TM and HEXPRESSTM are unique on the market. They allow the generation of structured and unstructured full hexahedral meshes in a highly automated way, providing a high grid quality within short time frames.

NUMECA's visualization software CFViewTM provides a powerful, generic, and object-oriented platform to perform all standard qualitative and quantitative 2D/3D operations.

AutoBladeTM, IGGTM, AutoGrid5TM, HEXPRESSTM which are integrated in our FINE environments are also available as standalone software. They accept input/output files from other commercial software such as ANSYS CFX, Fluent, STARCD, ProE, Catia, etc.

FINETM/Turbo is a Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to the simulation of rotating and turbomachinery flows.

Gas Turbine film cooling analysis with FINE/Turbo, with conjugated heat transfer in solid bodies.

FINETM/Hexa is a Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to the simulation of complex internal and external applications.

Pedestrian air comfort analysis with FINE/Hexa, Covent Garden, Brussels. Courtesy Immobiliere du Royal Rogier and AM Art & Build/Montois Partners.

FINETM/Marine is a Flow Integrated Environment especially designed for marine applications.

Full 3D simulation of wave generation on the water surface around a high performance yacht (Courtesy Van Oossanen & Associates).

FINETM/Design3D is a Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to the design and optimization of blades and channels used in rotating machinery.

Multi-point optimization of the Rotor 37 with FINE/Design3D

Stand alone pre- and post-processing tools
NUMECA pre- and post-processing tools are available in FINETM series or as standalone products.

HEXPRESSTM is a highly automated hexahedral grid generator for internal and external applications.

AutoGridTM is a nearly automatic hexahedral grid generator for rotating and turbomachinery applications.

IGGTM is an interactive geometry modeler and advanced block-structured mesh generator.

AutoBladeTM is a parametric modeler dedicated to the design of blades and channels of rotating machinery.

CFViewTM is an advanced visualization system, offering qualitative and quantitative tools for CFD analysis.

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