DHI.MIKEZero 2009

MIKE Zero is the common name of DHI’s fully Windows integrated graphical user interface for setting up simulations, pre- and post-processing analysis, presentation and visualisation. Presently, the MIKE Zero framework gives access to the following DHI modelling systems:
MIKE 11 - a 1D modelling system for rivers and channels
􀁺 MIKE 21 - a 2D modelling system for estuaries, coastal water and seas
􀁺 MIKE 3 - a 3D modelling system for deep seas, estuaries and coastal waters
􀁺 MIKE Flood - a 1D-2D modelling system for flood studies
􀁺 LITPACK - a modelling system for littoral processes and coastline kinetics
􀁺 MIKE SHE - a modelling system for integrated groundwater and water resources

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