Cimatron Elite v9.0

Givat Shmuel, Israel – June 11, 2009 – Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT), a leading provider of integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts, announced that it has officially released version 9.0 of CimatronE.

According to customers’ reports, CimatronE 9.0, complete with brand new features and capabilities, is the most productive version of the software to date, cutting down significantly on design, programming and machining times.

“CimatronE 9.0 has vastly improved current functions, and added many new functions which help get projects through design and fabrication faster and more efficiently.” said Jose Barreto, Die Design Engineer at Weiss-Aug, USA.

“CimatronE 9.0 not only increases our accuracy and speed, it also makes us more confident than ever that the finished product will be right to the numbers as well as giving us a great finish." stated Tom Neeb, CAD/CAM Department Manager at Apollo Tool Co., USA.

There are productivity enhancements in tool design, NC for tooling and 5-Axis solutions, covering the whole spectrum from quoting to delivery. CimatronE's most productive attribute remains it's integrated CAD/CAM; design and NC programming take place in the same environment eliminating the need for data translation, preventing errors and saving time wasted transferring files from one application to another.

CimatronE 9.0 includes major enhancements to mold and die designers, including new capabilities for transfer die makers, and more automation for tool design. Automatic Features are in line with CimatronE's winning formula of Flexible Automation, prioritizing the user's ability to control and override all automatic functions. The CimatronE Electrode solution now includes a new CMM application for defining measuring points and probe paths.

Programming and Machining times have been significantly shortened with new NC for tooling capabilities. These capabilities have been developed not only to speed things up but also to ensure safe machining with no gouges and collisions, and support polish-free surface quality. New NC capabilities include significant improvements to the drilling application, with added safety measures and increased efficiency.

Additionally, new machining strategies are available for HSM and 5-Axis Milling, providing more benefits to the medical and other industries performing high precision jobs. A new impeller cutting application speeds up production for aerospace users. Cimatron 9.0 includes a new, more powerful and more accurate machine simulator with improved interaction and functionality.

"This is the fastest, most advanced version of CimatronE we have ever released," said Danny Haran, Cimatron's CEO. "At a point in time when toolmakers and manufacturers are thirsting for ways to cut costs and speed up all their processes, we are providing a serious upgrade to our software which will dramatically increase our customers' productivity".

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