AutoFormplus R1 v4.3 crack

utoForm ensures backward compatibility of its sim-files. That means the user-interface of version AutoFormplus R1 (xaf_4.3.exe) can open sim-files created with older versions. It will automatically convert them to the current sim-file format. Such sim-files can then be used by the AutoFormplus R1 solvers. It is not possible that the AutoFormplus R1 solvers work directly with sim-files from earlier versions, including
version 4.2.0, nor is it possible that the AutoFormplus R1 solvers are started from other
user-interface versions than AutoFormplus R1.

Due to the parametric formulation of AutoForm-DieDesigner and due to modified algorithms in version AutoFormplus R1, the converted geometry may be slightly different from that originally created with older major versions (4.2.0 and older).

2.2. Concurrent use of AutoFormplus R1 and previous
versions AutoFormplus R1 is a major release. It replaces AutoForm 4.2.0 and earlier versions.
There should be no need to use AutoFormplus R1 and 4.2.0 concurrently. If they are used concurrently, anyhow, certain restrictions will apply. If you intend to use version AutoFormplus R1 together with an older major release, such as version 4.2.0, please review the following remarks carefully:
o AutoFormplus R1 must be installed in a separate directory (AFplus\R1) and cannot
be merged with older release versions. This will allow the usage of different releases concurrently with own configuration files for each release.
o If you changed the default settings for version 4.2.0 in one of the configuration files (for example in AutoForm.cfg) and intend to continue using these settings with version AutoFormplus R1, you have to redo the changes in the configuration files of version AutoFormplus R1. Please do not simply overwrite a new configuration file
with an old one, since the new files contain new default settings that were not present in the older version.

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