Tanner Tools v14

Today's designers of analog/mixed signal ICs, ASICs and MEMS face many challenges—shorter time-to-market cycles, increasing cost constraints, and a lack of resources. That is why many designers rely on Tanner Tools to help them meet these challenges. The Tanner Tools suite of products offers today's designers:

Low total cost of ownership
Tanner has created a software platform that is cost-effective and easy to use, while still being powerful enough to handle complex designs. Through the years Tanner EDA has remained true to its mission by delivering tools on the Windows infrastructure that can easily augment a company's existing design tool flow.
Technological innovation
While Tanner EDA's design tools are significantly less expensive than those of the competition, they do not sacrifice performance. Tanner EDA tools are suitable for start-ups, mid-size, and million-dollar top-tier players working on a range of innovative and cutting-edge designs. Tanner EDA's continued innovation makes its tools cost-effective solutions that grow with a company as its performance needs change.
Flexible PC-based solutions
Tanner EDA tools are fully optimized for the Windows® PC platform, enabling users to leverage their existing infrastructure and work at the office or at home. The flexibility of this platform, along with its familiar, intuitive interface gives designers customizable solutions that are fully portable. This is a good choice for designers who need high-performance EDA tools at a reasonable price.
Calibre®/Dracula® foundry compatible
Tanner EDA solutions are the only EDA tools on the market that natively support the Mentor Graphics Calibre® and Cadence Dracula® formats. This support enables them to use foundry rule decks without the need to translate the rules to another format and possibly lose data in the process. When the foundry updates its rule decks, Tanner EDA solutions automatically incorporate the changes, ensuring that the designer remains in line with the foundry.
Production proven tools
During its 20-year history, Tanner EDA has established a reputation as a leading technology innovator and supplier of cost-effective, flexible, and reliable production tools. Today the company boasts 4,000 customers and over 25,000 active licenses in 64 countries worldwide.

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