Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise Flow v2007.5

Expedition Enterprise Release 2007.5 README

Along with the Mentor Graphics Expedition product software this install image
contains additional documentation to help you with installation and licensing.
These documents are available at the top-level of this install image and in the
"release_documents" directory. These documents can be accessed before
you install your software.

+ Release Highlights
Filename: Release_Highlights_EXP.pdf
Contains detailed information regarding application delivery and
support, licensing, installation, configuration requirements, and an
overview of the product updates.

+ Managing Mentor Graphics PCB System Software
Filename: release_documents/manage_sw_pcb.pdf
Contains detailed installation, de-installation and configuration
instructions as well as basic licensing information.

+ Licensing Mentor Graphics Software
Filename: release_documents/mgc_licen.pdf
Contains detailed licensing information.

+ Licensing Mentor Graphics Release Notes
Filename: release_documents/mgc_lic_rn.pdf
Contains details on the Mentor Graphics licensing changes to support

+ FLEXNET Licensing End User's Guide
Filename: release_documents/flexnet_user.pdf
Explains Macrovision FLEXnet Licensing for administrators and end users
and describes how to use the tools which are part of the standard FLEXnet
Licensing distribution kit.

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