Encom ModelVision Pro v9.0

ENCOM Technology has released version 9.0 of its flagship software product, ModelVision Pro, which provides rapid modelling of 3D petroleum seismic sections and supports other industry applications.

Encom ModelVision Pro - full 3D cross-section model

The software is aimed at helping geophysicists extract more geological information from magnetic and gravity surveys.

According to Encom production manager Kerryn Mitchell, ModelVision Pro could be used to simulate, visualise, model and invert data from airborne and ground surveys to produce models of subsurface geology.

A 2D FFT processing system was added to convert grids into field components, gradients and tensors for those involved with advanced modelling research, it said.

Encom says the software's support for full 3D modelling and user-guided inversion of the subsurface makes it suitable for rapid mapping of cover thickness or complex modelling of resources.

Managing director David Pratt says ModelVision Pro integrates easily with other industry applications.

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