Camworks 2009 license Teksoft

CAMWorks 2009 is a next generation best-of-class CAM solution for producing efficient machining programs directly from solid models. Engineers and designers use SolidWorks or CAMWorks Solids and CAMWorks 2009 when they want an optimum modeling system to design better products faster and more accurately plus a seamlessly integrated, innovative, feature-based CAM system for CNC machining. This CAD/CAM software combination can significantly speed time to market.

CAMWorks 2009 modules are available in a variety of bundles or combinations. Each module provides an advanced collection of cutting strategies and timesaving features to help automate the machining process.

2½ Axis Milling
3 Axis Milling
Multiaxis Machining (Simultaneous 4/5 Axis)
2 and 4 Axis Turning
Wire EDM

he integration of CAMWorks into SolidWorks means:

* When you are using SolidWorks, the CAMWorks machining tree and commands are available with the click of a button. You never have to leave SolidWorks to generate toolpaths.
* CAMWorks uses the same SolidWorks geometry to generate toolpaths to ensure the part you machine is the same part you have modeled.
* Time-consuming file transfers using standard file formats such as IGES and SAT are eliminated.

CAMWorks can be purchased to run with SolidWorks or as part of a cost-effective package that includes CAMWorks Solids, an integrated solid modeler.
Ease of Use

CAMWorks uses the familiar SolidWorks interface, so it is easy to learn and easy to use. The CAMWorks trees are similar to the SolidWorks FeatureManager design tree. Items in the tree can be suppressed, expanded, renamed and moved using the same procedures as SolidWorks. Online help, an Installation and Quick Start Guide and tutorials help you generate toolpaths and code quickly. The tutorials are provided electronically in Adobe PDF files.

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