Mentor Graphics VeSys Electrical v2.0 version 2009 license crack

VeSys 2.0 software will bring real benefits to automate many aspects of your job, reduce time to market and improve product quality.
VeSys 2.0 Design electrical design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols.

Many functions are provided that support designers’ daily activities. In addition, embedded simulation creates complete virtual prototypes of electrical systems, validating designs are correct first time.

VeSys 2.0 is a wiring and harness design flow for customers who require software that is powerful but simple to deploy and use. Because VeSys 2.0 shares the same architecture as CHS, organizations can readily upgrade their VeSys 2.0 data to Mentor’s more powerful CHS electrical design product line. Alternatively, VeSys 2.0 users can share component, symbol and simulation model libraries with CHS users.
Design data organized into projects
Rapid circuit design with intuitive user interface
Many functions to assist engineers’ daily tasks
Built-in intelligent libraries for components, symbols and simulation models
Interactive simulation allows instant circuit behavior visualization
Automatic cross referencing
Graphical styling infrastructure
Whole vehicle electrical system virtual prototype capability
Simulation based checking highlights short circuits, volt drop, fusing and wire sizing errors
Integrated reports
Integration with MCAD systems for 3D harness routing and wire length back-annotation
Embedded Test Drive tutorial
In addition, the VeSys 2.0 suite incorporates over 50 functional enhancements suggested by existing VeSys customers. Examples include flexible simulation model creation, a completely new user environment, and greatly-enhanced drafting capabilities. User productivity is substantially boosted, reducing design costs and time to market.

VeSys products have historically targeted off-road and specialty vehicles, including the design of fire trucks, construction and agricultural vehicles, as well as other industrial equipment with significant electrical/wiring content. Thanks to its new architecture, the VeSys 2.0 suite now also provides such organizations with a native data upgrade path to Mentor’s powerful CHS™ electrical systems design suite, should this be required by increasing design complexity. The VeSys 2.0 suite users can also share component libraries and simulation models with corporate sister divisions who are using CHS electrical systems.

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