TracePro 5 crack

Lambda Research Corp.'s TracePro 5.0, the latest version of its software for optical modeling, design and analysis, features new capabilities including enhanced light source modeling, the company said.

TracePro 5.0 gives users the ability to combine multiple light sources with various wavelength spectrums in one TracePro model and analyze numerous light source interactions in the same ray trace. In addition, a user-defined, customized surface source database can be built using the software, Lambda Research said. For example, TracePro's new surface source property editor allows the user to specify light source behavior dependant on specific wavelength, temperature and emission angle.
Users can also now specify particular light source wavelengths to be traced for all source types (surface, grid and file sources) providing the designer with greater modeling flexibility. Fluorescence emission wavelengths can be now defined for each fluorescent object enabling more effective modeling and analyzing of fluorescent dyes with varying emission spectrums. These new features result in more

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