Topsold 2009

TopSolid’2009 Design is a powerful integrated CAD/CAM solution for modelling, simulation and production (geometry, assemblies, structural calculation, dynamics, etc.) Such functions provide a powerful means to meet industry-specific requirements for the drafting, design and manufacture of products. Kinematics, structural calculation, sheet metal processing and mechanical components form an integral part of the software and improve efficiency in the design process.

* Neutral Mode: Lots of new interaction available
* Improved Trees: Layers, Entities, etc.
* Copy operations by «drag-and-drop» from the operation tree
* New realistic mode: “rendering and edges“
* Import and export complete projects
* Automatic nomination of documents


* Management of open curves: visualisation of extremities
* Custom display of dimensions / constraints
* Offset curve with self-intersection management

3D Modelling

* Draft Angle operation with management of fillets
* Loft Surface with G2 conditions (curvature)
* Propagation of grouped operations
* Shape deformation by bending or torsion
* Replace faces with the «one surface» or «several surfaces» options


* Predefined positioning constraints
* Intuitive positioning
* Slave parts enhancements
* Define the mass and component mass centre
A complete CAD/CAM solution for progressive die and press tool designers

* Get external 3D numerical data
* Quickly calculate blanks
* Define the strip layout, cutting, bending and deformation operations
* Work with rich libraries of die bases and standard components
* Design springs, inserts, punches and dies with their clearance values and tolerances
* Simulate tool movements
* Generate drafts, BOMs and drill tables
* Directly machine all parts

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TopSolid’Progress provides all the required functions to help designers compute sheet metal part blanks, design the strip layout and dies far faster than with a standard CAD software.

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