The leading FInite Element solution for casting process simulation

Throughout the manufacturing industry, casting process simulation is now widely accepted as an important tool in product design and process development to improve yield and casting quality.

Based on powerful Finite Element solvers and advanced specific options developed with leading research institutes and industries, ProCAST provides an efficient and accurate solution to meet the casting industry needs. Compared to a traditional trial-and-error approach, ProCAST is the key solution to reduce manufacturing costs, shorten lead times for mold developments and improve the casting process quality.

ProCAST provides a complete software solution allowing for predictive evaluations of the entire casting process including mold filling, solidification, microstructure and thermo-mechanical simulations. It enables to rapidly visualize the effects of mold design and allows for correct decision making at an early stage of the manufacturing process.

ProCAST 2009 covers a wide range of casting processes and alloy systems including:

- high and low pressure die casting,
- sand casting, gravity die casting and tilt pouring,
- investment casting, shell casting,
- lost foam and centrifugal casting.

Continuous Casting
ProCAST 2009 provides a complete solution for continuous and semi-continuous casting process simultation. The software can simulate steady-state conditions as well as the initial and final stages of continuous casting processes.

The simulation of continuous casting processes includes:

- Horizontal and vertical continuous and semi-continuous casting
- Direct chill casting
- Strip casting
- Twin-roll casting
- Hazlett process

The Inverse Module enables the automatic calculation of material of process parameters based on measured temperatures at given locations or times. Primary and secondary cooling can be determined by inverse modeling.

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