Delcam PowerInspect 5040 SP1 crack

Inspection equipment and processes are both undergoing rapid changes as companies move from using 2D drawings to CAD models as the preferred method for product definition. This change, coupled with the rising demand for companies to prove the quality of their products, has led to a growing demand for inspection methods that can be used throughout the prototyping, manufacturing and assembly chain. With these techniques, any problems can be highlighted earlier in the development process and so be corrected more quickly and at lower cost.

The increased demand for inspecting parts and tools at multiple times in multiple places within the manufacturing chain requires software products that can be used on a variety of different inspection hardware platforms including Manual CMMs, CNC CMM's, Inspection Arms, Optical MMs, Laser Trackers and Line Laser Probes as well as on Machine Tools. PowerINSPECT provides a common user environment across all these hardware platforms ensuring operators can work flexibly whilst keeping the cost of training at an minimum.
Benefits include

* Comparison against all mainstream CAD formats
* Rapid alignment even for complex freeform shapes
* Inspection of user-defined sections
* The ability to inspect along the edge of a part
* Full Geometric Inspection capabilities
* Automatic creation of inspection features from CAD nominals
* A step by step Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) Wizard
* Point, wireframe and surface export for measured entities
* CAD manipulation - including surface offsetting (e.g. reverse side for sheet metal, spark gap for electrodes)
* Fully-customisable reporting in easy-to-understand formats

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