ChemStations ChemCAD V6.1.2.2616

Changes for CHEMCAD Release

CHEMCAD New Features and Enhancements

Added the capability to send multiple feed streams to the same tray for UnitOp types SCDS, TOWR, and TPLS (1626)
Added an option to use Notepad or WordPad instead of the integrated CHEMCAD report viewer (1798)
Added user-defined transport property functions for streams (274)
Added the capability to create user-added mixing rules (example available on request) (702)
Increased to 10 the number of components that can be used in an electrolyte regression (827)
Added new options to the Stream Property report (10%/90%) (841)
Added new stream properties for various distillation curve cut temperatures, useful for feedback controllers (913)
Implemented a check for the potential for two liquid phases throughout the simulation (1019)
Added the capability to click on stream and UnitOp labels for editing (1026)
Added a user-controllable AutoRecovery feature, which can help minimize lost work in the event that CHEMCAD closes unexpectedly (1035)
Added options for specifying tank volume as a function of height (1197)
Added new materials to the CC-THERM database (duplex S31802/S32205) (1265)
Added the capability to perform a text search in a CHEMCAD report tab using the [CTRL-F] key combination (1623)
Added the capability to e-mail an open simulation in its present saved state (1639)
Enhanced the Update Components dialog box to include property units (1644)
Added the Close All Charts and Close All Reports options to the Window menu (1649)
Improved the phase envelope plot for simulations in which bubble temperature and dew point temperature fail to converge (1668)

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