Silvaco Europe Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silvaco International. Silvaco International, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a leading vendor of TCAD and EDA software. Founded in 1984, and a TCAD leader since 1987, the company is privately held. In 2005 it spun out Simucad Design Automation which now focuses on EDA software. Worldwide customers include leading foundries, fabless semiconductor companies, integrated semiconductor manufacturers, and universities.
VICTORY PROCESS is an open architecture process simulator. VICTORY includes a complete set of advanced models for etch, deposition, implantation, diffusion and oxidation. Company proprietary models and public domain research models can be integrated easily into VICTORY through its open architecture making it suitable for both commercial and academic applications. VICTORY replaces costly wafer experiments with simulations to deliver shorter process development cycles.

TonyPlot3D is a powerful graphics tool, capable of displaying 3D TCAD data generated by Silvaco TCAD process or device simulators and Simucad's 3D parasitic products. It provides visualization and graphic features such as zoom, pan, views and different drawing modes. TonyPlot3D provides a user-friendly environment to view 3D structures in various TCAD specific display modes such as Regions, Contours, Rays, IsoSurfaces and Vectors
The Interactive Tools are a suite of applications that provide interactive GUI based pre and post processing services to Silvaco’s 1D, 2D and 3D TCAD simulators. The tools within the interactive tools suite are fully integrated and provide users with a comfortable environment within which all TCAD simulations can be performed

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