PTC CADDS 5i REVISION 15 flexlm crack

As one of the most technologically advanced companies in China's highly competitive shipbuilding industry, Huangpu Shipbuilding's relationship with PTC dates back to 1999. At that time, Huangpu Shipbuilding became the first shipyard in southern China's Guangdong province to purchase PTC CADDS 5i. Huangpu Shipbuilding has relied on PTC CADDS 5i since that time to facilitate its ongoing expansion and modernization.

The suite of CADDS 5i solutions enables users to reference each other's evolving designs and facilitate concurrent engineering in a fully digitized ship design and 3D modeling environment. This sophisticated enterprise application for shipbuilding will shorten product design lead-time and accelerate time-to-market. With its new deployment of CADDS 5i Huangpu Shipbuilding is expected to bring additional revolutionary changes in digitization at its shipyard. CADDS 5i will now be used by 80 additional engineers at Huangpu Shipbuilding.

As in any industrial sector, innovation is key to realizing opportunities and market growth. However, the shipbuilding sector is often marked by lengthy product development cycles, due largely to archaic manual design processes that are still in place. Huangpu Shipbuilding led the industry in adopting CADDS 5i, which offers flexible 3D hybrid modeling and 2D drafting capabilities across a broad application range, easing engineers' workload, and freeing up their time to develop more innovative products.

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