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MVTec Software GmbH, HALCON 9.0
Faster Processing
Profit from the speedup of the entire HALCON library
The entire HALCON library again is faster by improved algorithms, extended use of SSE technology, and a comprehensive utilization of multi-core and multi-processor hardware. HALCON's automatic operator parallelization, industry-proven for 8 years, has been accelerated by more than 20% and now runs more than 400 operators in parallel, such as filters, matching, 3D matching, subpixel extraction, and FFT.

Extremely Robust Matching
Rely on HALCON's revolutionary new matching technologies
introduces two new matching technologies for robustly finding perspectively distorted objects: descriptor-based matching, which is based on the detection of interest points, and perspective, deformable matching, which uses a shape-based approach. These technologies supplement HALCON's powerful matching methods for every application.

Complete 3D Vision
Take the first choice for 3D vision
HALCON 9.0 again offers many new methods for 3D vision, making HALCON the only software you need for your application. These methods include, but are not limited to the above mentioned new matching technologies, as well as multigrid stereo that reconstructs stereo images without texture in entire image parts for high-precision results, and sheet-of-light measurement. Furthermore, HALCON's comprehensive 3D calibration, which is crucial for 3D vision as well as for highly precise measuring, is strongly enhanced.

Faster Development
Speed up your development by improved usability
HALCON's integrated development environment (IDE) HDevelop includes many enhancements, such as a full text editor, an alternative to the established dialog-based editor. The new editor speeds up the development and provides many intelligent editing features, e.g., advanced autocompletion. The new HDevelop calibration assistant evaluates the quality of calibration images and helps you to easily and accurately perform the camera calibration. Furthermore, HALCON 9.0 comes with a huge amount of new source code modules and classes – HALCON codelets. These are used outside HDevelop as templates for new applications or directly called within newly developed code.

Higher Resolution
Process extremely large images with HALCON XL
With the version 9.0, HALCON is able to process images in practically unlimited image size, even larger than 32k x 32k. This lets you process images of any width and any height. The limitation only depends on available memory and the used operating system. This new feature comes as a separate IDE and library, named HALCON XL. Of course, HALCON XL covers the full HALCON library.
Thanks to HALCON XL, even demanding line scan camera applications now can be realized – even if the height of the scanned image exceeds 32k.

Further New Features

* Upgraded GigE Vision interface
* Operators with timeout
* New increased tolerance mode for shape-based matching
* Model generation from DXF files
* Improved hand-eye calibration
* Extended documentation
* Correction of lens distortions without calibration plate
* Enhanced 3D visualization techniques, e.g., for 3D plots

* Exception handling in HDevelop
* Documentation mechanism for HDevelop procedures
* Faster and improved bar code reader for all RSS codes (incl. composites)
* Print quality inspection for further standards
* More robust data code reader and enhanced ECC200 reader
* Large set of matrix operators
* Fast color space transformation
* And many, many more...

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