Ucam v8.3.1 key crack

The key features of version 8.3.1 are improved display of design data and data issues. This makes the system
faster and easier to use. New highlighting and printing features make it easier to share data with customers and colleagues for design feedback, production and process planning, and process instructions for the shop-floor.

· Magnifier – This View Option continuously shows, in a separate window, a zoomed view of the image at the
cursor location. It is as if you were moving a magnifying glass over the PCB.
The zoom factor can easily be altered with the + and – keys.

View objects close up and move around the design without losing the current function.

Typical applications:

· measuring the exact distance between two objects far apart on the board

· checking repeated instances of similar features across the board (eg. all fiducials)

· Feedback layers in DXF input- Visualize open contour errors during import.

Faster and more secure DXF input

Clear feedback of problems which can be shared quickly and clearly with your customers

· Feedback layers in test point generation - Visualize test point generation errors and warnings in
separate feedback layers.

· Clear feedback allows you to solve test point issues faster

· Share test point issues with colleagues using the new Print and PDF features described below

· Better test data faster

· Print Main View – Print all planes simultanuously in the colors as displayed in the Main View

Select relevant design and feedback layers and print out for production planning meetings or
inserting into travelers for the shop-floor - see example
Print a pcb in true colors - see example

· PDF Output - Individuallayers can be printed as high quality vector based PDFs for unlimited zooming.

· Generate clear digital pictures for customer feedback, production planning discussions,
and shop-floor instructions.

· Vector-based PDFs mean smaller and more manageable files - see example

· Preview button in SmartPlot- Preview selected plot images on screen after MLFDPF conversion.

Save film and plot time by detecting problems before plotting.

Typical application:

· checking that complex layer merges have been set up correctly.

· Multi color apertures - View all apertures of the layer in plane 1 in separate colors

· Deliver a clear graphic view of key features.

· Typical application:

· Clarify the construction of complex rout programs - see picture

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