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Pull, Move, Fill and Combine
Enhancements to SpaceClaim’s tool set include the ability to:
Scale surfaces and solids to an exact value.

Blend points to 3D curves, blend with guide curves and also blend with take-off vector control.

Pattern points, faces, surfaces and components.
Fill not only edges, surfaces, faces and solids but also sketch curves.
Replace and simplify faces of designs.
Combine multiple components using simplified user workflows.
Add draft using spline surfaces.

Create variable radius fillets and modify them with control handles.

Create geometry using the 3D cylinder and sphere tools.

Create and edit imported sheet metal designs for upstream and downstream applications.
2D and Section
Enhancements to SpaceClaim’s sketch, cross section and drawings include the ability to:Create and edit 3D while in a cross section and in familiar 2D drawings.
Edit sketches with on the fly dimension-driven sketch editing in polar, Cartesian and relative coordinates.
Add and edit line styles and control line styles controlled by layers.
Use copy and paste functions for dimensions and notes.

Add table driven and custom cosmetic threads to holes and cylinders.

Add symbols, intelligent centerlines, tables, and virtual sharps for dimensioning and creation of production capable drawings.

Enhancements to SpaceClaim’s user interface, data exchange and tool set include the ability to:
Create rapid designs using the streamlined user interface, mouse gestures, heads-up interaction and advanced 3D snapping.
Create axis and datums using progressive axis and datums.
Selection filters and same length edge power selection speed the selection process.
Use new edge and volume interference checking to locate problem areas.
Import assemblies as structure tree only, and JT and CATIA as lightweight assemblies.

Restructure parts and assemblies using the flexible drag and drop structure tree.
Sheet Metal Module
SpaceClaim’s sheet metal module provides intuitive 3D design and optimization for manufacturing of sheet metal parts and assemblies. Create designs from scratch or import and edit sheet metal designs using all of the familiar SpaceClaim tools such as pull and move, split, fill and combine. Convert non-sheet metal parts to sheet metal parts so they can be unfolded and manufactured. Change corner junctions, reliefs, bends and bend allowances with just a click of the mouse. Add a rip across a face between two points with automatic corner relief creation. Work in the bent state or the flat state and see your changes in both. Speed the manufacturing process by splitting a single part into multiple parts at critical junction areas saving time and money during the manufacturing process.

Enhanced API and Partner Integration
Using the SpaceClaim API for direct memory geometry transfer, ALGOR and SpaceClaim have provided thousands of users with a complete design-to-analysis solution and a unique computer-aided engineering (CAE) workflow. Users can control the CAE workflow regardless of the native CAD environment – reducing the amount of time that it takes to iterate through multiple CAE scenarios, which leads to better-performing designs and reduced project costs.

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