WAVE is the market-leading ISO approved, 1D engine & gas dynamics simulation software package from Ricardo Software. It is used worldwide in industry sectors including passenger car, motorcycle, truck, locomotive, motor sport, marine and power generation. WAVE enables performance simulations to be carried out based on virtually any intake, combustion and exhaust system configuration, and includes a drivetrain model to allow complete vehicle simulation.


Engine Performance – Prediction and optimisation of the complete engine from intake to tailpipe
Acoustics and Noise – Design of intake and exhaust systems for improved noise reduction and sound quality
Combustion and Emissions – Advanced combustion models for all types of combustion systems and in-cylinder emissions prediction capabilities
Thermal Analysis – Prediction of combustion chamber and exhaust system component temperatures
Dynamic System Control – Coupled engine control and driveline simulation
WAVE-RT – Real time simulation for control algorithm development in the SiL and HiL environments
1D/3D CFD Co-Simulation – Coupled 1D/3D analysis of intake and exhaust geometry
Key Features

Advanced diesel and SI combustion models
State of the art compressor and turbine physics
Comprehensive 1D and 3D aftertreatment library including TWC, DPF, LNT, DOC and SCR models
Advanced acoustic features including the WNOISE post processor, absorptive materials and porous ducts
Rapid, consistent model construction using the drag-and-drop element library, user-defined templates and self contained components
Fast, accurate creation of high quality models directly from 3D geometry using WaveMesher and WaveBuild3D
Extensive results presentation and reports generation capability using the WavePost post processor
Graphical plotting on the fly and interactive input control using the WAVELive interface
Distributed running over unlimited CPUs
WAVE is used throughout the engine design process - from early concept studies, right through to detailed investigations of production engines. Whether it is improving volumetric efficiency, designing complex boosting systems, improving transient response or extracting the maximum performance from a race engine, WAVE is the ideal tool.

Key Features

Advanced diesel and SI combustion models
Steady state or transient prediction capability
Actuation and control of a large range of parameters
Map based simulation
Built in DOE and optimisation tools
Turbocharging and supercharging
-- Mapless turbo to target boost and pressure-ratios
-- Variable or fixed geometry, internal wastegate
-- Reverse-flow compressor with improved surge-line operation
-- Series and parallel connection of turbo junctions
Intercoolers and EGR coolers
-- Controlled outlet temperature via effectiveness map
-- Pressure-drop/massflow map

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