Mentor Graphics FPGA Advantage V8.1 license crack

FPGA Advantage provides a complete and seamless integration of the design creation, design management, simulation and synthesis tools that empower the FPGA designer have a faster path from concept to implementation.
FPGA Advantage

The only fully integrated, scalable design platform that delivers Silicon, Vendor & Language Independence.

The only unified flow that lets you design for
* Any Silicon:
PLD, FPGA, Platform FPGA, Structured ASIC, ASIC Prototypes, ASICs and SOCs
* Any Vendor:
Actel, Altera, Atmel, ChipExpress, Lattice, Xilinx, plus any ASIC foundry
* Any Language:
VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, C/C++, PSL, SVA

Delivering the technical edge

* Maximize QoR, Fmax and area utilization on every leading FPGA platform
* Optimize FPGA timing closure with Precision Synthesis and advanced timing analysis
* Optimize system timing closure with I/O optimization & PCB integration
* Fastest, standards based, multi-lingual simulation platform available

Optimizing your design process

* Cut design time in half: Rapid design development process
* Practical reuse: RTL reuse methodology
* Team productivity: Team design flow and version management
* Tune your competitive edge: Flow management and customization
* Cut lab time with: FPGA-centric analysis and debug

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