GT-suite v6.2.2 Gamma Technologies, Inc.

GT-SUITE offers the only true "virtual engine/powertrain" tool, capable of integrated simulations of the total engine and powertrain system.
With over 300 customers worldwide, Gamma Technologies is the leading engine simulation software provider by a wide margin. GT-POWER, part of the GT-SUITE, is the industry standard for engine modeling.
Engine, powertrain, and vehicle engineering simulation software

GT-SUITE is a comprehensive set of simulation tools for engine and vehicle systems.
Industry-standard engine simulation (GT-POWER library)
Used by all major engine manufacturers, and their suppliers, worldwide
Models boosting systems, EGR concepts, VVT, variable geometry systems, and after treatment systems
Includes built-in 3D CAD, DOE, optimization, and neural network training tools
Coupled to MATLAB and Simulink technical computing software for control system analysis

GT-SUITE used with Simulink for Vehicle Speed Control
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The GT-SUITE simulation consists of a set of simulation modeling libraries – tools for analyzing engine breathing, combustion, and acoustics, vehicle powertrains, engine cooling systems, engine fuel injection systems, valvetrains, crankshafts, and lubrication systems. The code can be used to investigate a wide range of issues, such as component design, vehicle emissions, and system interaction. Each simulation consists of a library of component models that you can add to an existing model and edit using a point-and-click interface. Each of the modeling areas mentioned above can be modeled in isolation or as a single, integrated system using GT-SUITE’s unique model building architecture.

Each of the GT-SUITE application areas can be linked with Simulink to provide a flexible environment for investigating and developing control strategies. Engine and vehicle quantities such as pressure, flow rate, and speed can be sensed from the GT-SUITE model and passed to Simulink. The Simulink model can then use these values in its own calculations. GT-SUITE can also receive actuated quantities, such as throttle angle, orifice diameter, and accelerator position, from Simulink and use these values in its calculations. The Simulink model can consist of control systems or any physical system that interacts with the GT-SUITE model. GT-SUITE and Simulink together represent the entire engine or vehicle and control system package.

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