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ForTen 3000 is a system for Tensile structure design, analysis and pattern making.
Flexible and powerful has gained success and used today in more than 60 companies, Architects & Engineering firms worldwide.
ForTen 3000 is a system for Tensile structure design, analysis and pattern making.
FormFinder module with Force Density Method Linear and Non Linear
FormFinder module with mixed FDM and stiffness methods
Any kind of model complexity can be solved by groups and sub-groups
Cable,Truss,Beam and Membrane elements implemented
Static non linear analysis and mixed nonlinear-linear analysis for stiff boundary elements
Nodal loads
Cable Loads
Termal Loads
Surface Loads
Scripting languange for load generation ( wind and snow loads by norms for example )
Patterning module cut & flatten with section curves, geodesic curves or user defined curves
Pattern compensation in warp & weft directions
Pattern offsets for welding purposes
Export in HPGL or DXF or output on printer of the final patterns in a layout mode or one at a time
OpenGL visualization for fast membrane stress plot, defomed shapes and animations
Direct sparse solver for fast analysis solutions
Import/export dwg/dxf up to AutoCAD v 2008

Import Rhinoceros 3dm files and conversion from nurbs to tensile models
Report manager for professional document production
Production module for accurate patterning welding offsets and assembly management
Multimedia Help system with many videos and tutorials

Property manager for fast access or element data

New mesh algoritms for multiple conical shape modelling

New Geodesic curve algoritms

Patterning module rewritten for accurate patterns on all edges
TensoCADD is a powerful tool for concept design, economic and easy to use brings in the hands of designers the ability to promote membrane structures.

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