Delcam powermill v9.003 sp1

PowerMILL 9 offers a more complete solution for complex machining operations, providing greater control for experienced machinists that know exactly how they wish to machine a part. The range of enhancements to existing functionality enable both faster programming and machining, whilst the introduction of new strategies provide an even greater depth of functionality for 2D machining. Central to all these improvements is an enhanced user experience, with revised interfaces aimed at reducing human error for more accurate programming.
Significant improvements have been made to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) in PowerMILL 9. The Block Form now provides overall dimensions, and tapered tipped tools are easier to define thanks to automatic parameter calculation. Selection by dragging the cursor enables users to select multiple entities by dragging the cursor. Selected shaded objects become brighter, whilst unselected objects are dimmed. PowerSHAPE style blanking operations for model entities are also now available within PowerMILL 9.

Faster and easier selection of entities
Users can easily modify the block dimensions
Reduces the possibility of human error
PowerMILL 9 sees the introduction of a new improved method for using 2D Cutter Compensation. Compensation is now applied and defined in the toolpath strategy form. Both full radius and wear compensation are supported with minimum radius protection. The following functions will also operate on toolpaths compensated by the machine control (G41 and G42):

Wireframe animation
ViewMILL simulation
Tool holder collision verification
Machine tool collision check
PowerMILL 9 includes a dedicated Face Milling strategy to mill block faces and reduce the number of thin cuts required. An auto angle option orientates the toolpath to the most efficient machining angle for the block. A cut direction reversal for the last pass prevents edge burring. Extended tool insert life is guaranteed due to a reduced feed rate on entry and exit.

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