AVL CRUISE 2008 license crack

The Unique Vehicle Design Software

AVL CRUISE 2008 was designed in a holistic view to meet the requirements of automotive engineering throughout the development process. It is the combination of all the following specialties that make CRUISE so unique:

A modular concept that enables analysis of an extensive variety of vehicle and powertrain configurations
An intelligent driver module for realistic reproduction of the vehicle's behavior due to human responses
Engine cold-start models to take into account higher friction and thermodynamic effects
Torsional elastic shaft elements to study low frequency vibrations of powertrains
Black box feature to include user defined components and control algorithms
Interfaces to 1-D fluid dynamics software tools Flowmaster2?and KULI?
Interface to advanced engine cycle simulation AVL BOOST
Consideration of the impact of cornering on wheel and vehicles forces
ORACLE data base for efficient handling of large amounts of data
Variomatic Module1.0 to analyze Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT)

Optimization of the Vehicle and Vehicle Components

AVL CRUISE 2008 is typically used in powertrain and engine development to optimize vehicle and vehicle components with regard to:

Fuel consumption and emissions for any driving cycle or profile
Driving performance for acceleration, braking, hill climbing
Transmission ratios
Gear shift maps for CVT or automatic transmissions

CRUISE is also used for the

Evaluation of new vehicle concepts such as Hybrid Powertrain systems
Assessment of control strategies
VTMS: vehicle thermal management systems simulation

CRUISE 2008 is also used for the determination of

Collective loads for stress/strain calculations
Powertrain vibrations (dynamic loads, comfort)

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