ARM RealView Developer Suite pro 4.0

The ARM® RealView® Development Suite 4.0 Professional is a complete, end-to-end solution for software development supporting all ARM® processors and ARM CoreSight™ debug technology. This full-featured product enables developers to begin software development, optimization and test ahead of silicon availability, significantly reducing application time-to-market and ensuring the highest degree of software quality.

RealView® Development Suite 4.0 Professional incorporates the best-in-class RealView Compilation tools and market-leading RealView Profiler enabling applications to easily achieve both high performance and optimal code size. The product includes support for the latest Cortex™-A8 processor and includes vectorizing compilation for the NEON™ media processing engine which can increase the performance of multimedia applications in standard C code by more than 200%.

RealView Development Suite 4.0 Professional offers a complete end-to-end solution for software development including:

Project management with the Eclipse IDE simplifying setup and creation of projects for specific ARM processors.
Fully optimizing ISO C/C++ compilation for ARM, Thumb and Thumb-2 and vectorizing compilation for the NEON media processing engine.
Intelligent code linking, supporting automatic removal of unused code and placement of code and data in complex memory maps.
OS-aware, multi and many-core-aware debug providing outstanding visibility of the entire system.
Non-intrusive profiling and code coverage analysis of software executing for unlimited periods of time, while running at operational frequencies.
High performance pre-silicon software development using Real-Time System models of complete ARM processor cores and boards running at over 200MHz.
ARM showcased its developer-intended ARM Profiler which enables programmers to compile applications which need enhanced performance, but consume little power. ARM Profiler comes as a part of the company's recently-launched RealView® Development Suite 4.0 Professional.

“Consumers expect mobile phone applications to deliver advanced features, with the best possible performance and minimal power consumption,” said Mike Whittingham, Vice President Ecosystem Development, Symbian. “Developers of complex mobile applications have come to expect the level of power management and performance optimisation found within Symbian OS. The new ARM Profiler provides an analysis environment that enables developers to maximise the performance and power efficiency of their applications, on ARM technology-based mobile phones.”

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