Silvaco_TCAD/ICCAD/AMS/Logic/UT4_2008 license crack

Silvaco TCAD tools start with understanding the physics of the basic semiconductor, dielectric, and conducting materials. The Virtual Wafer Fab technology simulation environment enables the ATHENA process technology simulators and the ATLAS device technology simulators to prepare, run, optimize, and analyze semiconductor experiments to achieve optimal process recipes and device targets.

ATHENA Process Simulation Framework enables process and integration engineers to develop and optimize semiconductor manufacturing processes. ATHENA provides an easy to use, modular, and extensible platform for simulating ion implantation, diffusion, etching, deposition, lithography, oxidation, and silicidation of semiconductor materials. It replaces costly wafer experiments with simulations to deliver shorter development cycles and higher yields.

ATLAS Device Simulation Framework enables device technology engineers to simulate the electrical, optical, and thermal behavior of semiconductor devices. ATLAS provides a physics-based, easy to use, modular, and extensible platform to analyze DC, AC, and time domain responses for all semiconductor based technologies in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Virtual Wafer Fab is an integrated environment of TCAD software to automate and emulate physical wafer manufacturing. These integrated tools facilitate the input, execution, run-time optimization, and results processing of TCAD simulations into one flow managed through a common database.

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