PULSONIX DESIGN SUITE 5.1 Hasp key crack

A PCB design and layout suite of tools developed to meet the changing needs for PCB layout in the 21st century.

The first completely new, high-level combined Schematic Capture and PCB layout product for many years. This exciting software suite has been developed from the ground up by leading PCB Design industry professionals using the very latest software writing techniques in graphics and data handling.

Pulsonix has been designed based on key criteria...

Easy-to-use through an intuitive user interface
Suitable for the casual user and professional alike
Import designs and library data from other EDA products
Training needs kept to a minimum
Well designed with future expansion in mind
Fully integrated into the Pulsonix design environment, Pulsonix Spice is an advanced, mixed-mode simulation package that out-performs many of the other Spice tools on the market.

A comprehensive selection of analysis functions may be applied to plotted waveform data. At the click of a mouse the RMS, rise and fall time, -3dB point or many other functions can be calculated and displayed alongside the graph legend.

Within the Schematic, post-simulation 'random probing' is available. Graphs of circuit voltages, currents and device powers can be created simply by clicking on a point on the schematic, avoiding any need to re-simulate. each time an additional measurement is required.

Integrated into the Pulsonix Schematic capture design environment
Dialog driven user interface
Post simulation random probing
Convergence performance in benchmark trials exceeds results from industry leaders
True mixed-mode simulation: closely coupled direct matrix (SPICE 3) analogue and event driven digital simulator
Monte-Carlo, Multi-Step, Noise and other analysis modes
Transient restart
Non-linear magnetics with support for air gaps
Automatic pseudo transient analysis algorithm for operating point solution
Variable step GMIN and source stepping (the standard SPICE3 variants use a fixed step)
Bias annotation markers with dynamic updating
30,000 Spice model library definitions and 6,500 actual models
Pulsonix Spice is compatible with 99% of available SPICE/HSpice models
Import standard SPICE models from outside suppliers - many can be downloaded from the Internet
Comprehensive waveform analysis and user definable scripting language in simulator
Comprehensive printed user reference guide


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