Gemcom_Surpac_6.1 crack

Gemcom Surpac 6 provides new workflow efficiency and usability, enabling geologists, engineers and surveyors to accomplish more in less time by improving how they interact with the software, improving productivity at their operations. New and updated capabilities include:
Increased efficiency through simplified workflows.
Speed and performance increases.
Enhanced user experience with greater interaction with the on-screen display

“One of the greatest challenges facing the mining industry is the scarcity of skilled mining professionals,” said Matthew Peursum, Gemcom Surpac product manager. “People are challenged to do as much as they can, as effectively as possible, in the shortest amount of time. With Surpac 6, our objective was to enable mining companies to train staff faster and to facilitate the smooth transfer of skills between operations.”

“Having used all the major competitive products over the last 10 years, we have standardised on Surpac because it not only provides the right features for exploration and mining projects, but also the capabilities needed to support global staff with differing skills sets, working in multiple languages,” stated Michelle Stone, senior geologist at Capstone Mining Corporation. “Gemcom provides excellent support and Surpac 6 is the best version yet. The system’s powerful, intuitive design, excellent graphics and visualisation capabilities and the ability to automate tasks, brings consistency to processes, making staff more effective, while saving time. As a multi-lingual platform, we are able to employ it at our headquarters in Vancouver and our Spanish-speaking mining operations in Mexico, enabling us to provide the same level of support to all of our staff.”

The capabilities of Gemcom Surpac can also be enhanced with the addition of:
Gemcom Whittle, life-or-mine scheduling, optimisation and economic analysis solution for open pit mines.
Gemcom MineSched, long and short term production scheduling software which integrates seamlessly with Surpac.
Gemcom InSite, a business intelligence, analytics, reporting, reconciliation, and stockpile management solution that incorporates a web-based mining information portal

“When using Surpac, as with all of our applications, our clients can plug into Gemcom’s solutions framework,” said Rick Moignard, president and CEO of Gemcom. “With a Gemcom solution, our clients gain the capabilities they need to address their business goals and unique mining challenges, such as throughput maximisation and cost control. They also gain a partner with the mining, business and IT expertise needed to help them improve mine efficiency and profitability.”

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