Dassault Systemes CATIA v5R19

CATIA V5R19 enables Terrain modeling process by delivering large scale modeling of meshed surfaces and volume capabilities through CATIA Shape Sculptor and CATIA Digitized Shape Editor. This enables modeling and planning of earthwork activity, modeling construction in-situ, earthwork engineering and planning, as well as accurate foundation engineering.

CATIA V5R19 reinforces plastic part process and leverages industrial communication on product through easy label painting creation & placement with CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design.

Design performance for innovation, Just be the imagineer
CATIA V5R19 brings significant advantages to the aerospace, energy and shipbuilding industries. CATIA Composites Design brings In-context Composite Design : for optimizing the definition of large composites parts in context of mating sub-structures such as, spars, ribs, and stringers, and for optimizing the definition of plies in small parts or re-engineered metal parts.

CATIA V5R19 unleashes industrial designer creativity. CATIA Imagine & Shape allows fast surface creation from curves or network of curves and permits users to create their own primitives to start their design.

Breakthrough technologies, Your innovation starts with ours
CATIA V5R19 brings superior productivity in surface modeling, especially in the design for plastic parts and molded parts with the breakthrough auto-fillet capability of CATIA Generative Shape Optimizer. This new Technology can automatically fillet the sharp edges of a shape in a single operation, allowing users to reach a new order of magnitude in productivity.

CATIA V5R19 accelerates the part and tooling design review process for manufacturability, especially for casting and injection molding processes. The new wall thickness analysis feature of CATIA Cast & Forged Part Optimizer ensures that the thickness meets the requirements of the manufacturing process in order to anticipate and fix potential manufacturing issues.

CATIA V5R19 takes real time rendering one step further and let designers experience the product as if it was real. CATIA Real Time Rendering and CATIA photo studio provide real time material configuration test and try and leverage the perceived quality of the final product. Shadows have been made more realistic with the addition of multiple l

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