CMG (Computer Modelling Group Ltd.) is a computer software engineering and consulting firm engaged in the development, sale and technology transfer of reservoir simulation software.

CMG began as a company known for its expertise in heavy oil, and expanded its expertise into all aspects of reservoir flow modelling. Over the past 29 years, CMG has remained focused on the development and delivery of reservoir simulation technologies that assist oil and gas companies to determine reservoir capacities and maximize potential recovery.

To this end, we are continually improving our market-leading line of reservoir simulation technologies to better reflect the changing needs of our users.

CMG is a world-class software company traded on the TSX Stock Exchange under the symbol CMG. With over 250 oil and gas companies and consulting firms in more than 45 countries, CMG is one of the largest independent providers of reservoir simulation software in the world.

At CMG, our goal is to empower you to maximize recovery of hydrocarbon assets in the most efficient way possible - using efficient production processes, efficient modelling algorithms and easy-to-use software
GEM2008 is a full Equation of State compositional reservoir simulator with advanced features for modelling recovery processes where the fluid composition affects recovery. GEM also models Asphaltenes, Coal Bed Methane and the Geochemistry of the sequestration of various gases including Acid Gases and CO2.

GEM is CMG's general equation-of-state (EOS) based compositional reservoir simulator for modelling the flow of three-phase, multi-component fluids. GEM is a robust, fully compositional simulator used to model any type of reservoir where the importance of the fluid composition and their interactions are essential to the understanding of the recovery process.

GEM is a highly optimized simulator that has been proven in numerous field production situations around the world. Many unique field features help simulation engineers understand and model recovery processes and interactions of fluids.

GEM provides extensive well management options, plus a flexible set of surface separator facilities, including EOS and gas plant separator stages, enabling the modelling of flow from the sand face to the outlets of the separator trains.

GEM simulates a variety of structurally complex and varying fluid combinations beyond the conventional black oil simulators as well as K-value compositional simulators. Whether you are dealing with laboratory scale projects, pilot areas, elements of symmetry, of full-scale field studies, GEM will effectively model:

Single and multi-component CBM recovery
gas condensate recovery,
volatile oil reservoirs,
CO2 and hydrocarbon injection,
gas cycling and re-cycling,
WAG processes, and
numerous other reservoir management processes.
GEM is an essential engineering tool for modelling very complex reservoirs with complicated phase behavior interactions which impact directly on the recovery mechanisms employed to optimize the recovery, and this indispensable engineering tool includes all the features you would expect from a full-field compositional simulator. CMG's GEM simulator - practical, comprehensive, and effective

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