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To meet consumer demands, automotive engineers require development tools which provide accurate representation of complex systems in the virtual world. The ever increasing number of design parameters of traditional and ‘alternative’ powertrain systems means that early concept analysis becomes increasingly important. Powertrain thermodynamic analysis using 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools is one such discipline.

Through years of development and advancements, AVL’s 3D CFD software FIRE™ fulfills these demands. FIRE is used every day by hundreds of powertrain engineers to accurately predict results in a flexible, robust and fast way. FIRE customers make design decisions earlier, and with greater confidence.

AVL FIRE™ is the leading simulation program in the field of combustion engine analysis and specialises in accurate prediction of engine gas exchange, mixture formation and combustion, as well as emissions and the exhaust gas aftertreatment.
FIRE is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of automotive research and development engineers
FIRE’s flexibility allows users to adjust modeling complexity, and to integrate the software into their CAx framework
FIRE is a proven tool, used daily in AVL’s engine development process and by hundreds of customers worldwide
FIRE is easy to use thanks to automated pre-/post-processing, integrated application specific workflows and pre-defined solution control files
FIRE provides reliable and accurate simulation results thanks to extensively validated chemical and physical models
FIRE’s computational models are continuously developed and enhanced via in-house research activities and partnerships with leading technology centers world-wide
Customer support is provided by engineers who know well about powertrains and powertrain development

FIRE is a complete CFD environment including: solver, pre- and post-processing tools which are embedded in an intuitive Graphical User Interface. There is no need to purchase 3rd party tools, even for the most complex tasks.
FIRE is based upon proven state-of-the-art solver technology, capable of handling general polyhedral computational elements, and offering a robust platform for continuous enhancement.
FIRE offers automated meshing technology for arbitrarily complex geometries including multiple moving parts, this helps drastically reduce setup time for complex engine models.
FIRE offers a consistent set of physical and chemical models to cover various types of fluid flow applications, in particular those related to IC-engines and combustion systems
FIRE’s development effort is complemented by AVL’s internal R&D activities, as well as extensive industry and academic partnerships
FIRE provides an open code structure enabling researchers to apply the tool for advanced combustion concepts (e.g. HCCI and PCCI)
FIRE offers market leading technology to simulate exhaust gas aftertreatment systems

High Fidelity System Simulation
The overall environment and individual components of FIRE enable application to any phase of the development process. The broad range of available models allows users to properly balance simulation effort and desired precision.

Powertrain Engineering Inside
AVL’s simulation tools are uniquely supported by over six decades of engine development experience. Our own consulting and services business depends on FIRE to deliver results, and provides our software team with invaluable insight into current and future requirements.

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