ManiaBarco Ucam v8.2.1 LICENSE crack

Mania Belgium NV (formerly known as Barco), the photoplotter and software division recently bought from the administrators of Mania Technologie AG by ESO, released UCAM version V8.2.1. in June this year. Despite the upheavals within the Mania Group, product development at Mania Belgium has continued without interruption.

Frank van den Bossche, Product Manager Software, commented, "The focus of UCAM V 8.2.1 is on enhancing plant yields and providing a more robust product for the end user. A large number of customers have now upgraded to UCAM version V8.2.1., and it is very well received. Customers comment favourably on the stability of this release, as well as on the gain in productivity. "

New Design for Manufacturability (DFM) procedures allow each fabricator to define more precise rules to optimize copper and solder-mask layouts to meet his own manufacturing requirements and his customer's performance specifications.

UCAM's field-proven electrical test solutions are further enhanced for advanced HDI designs. New Z-axis adjacency algorithms enable testing for current leakage through thin (especially screened- or photo-) dielectrics as well as detection of over-drilled blind microvias. For high-density layouts with BGAs and other small foot-print components, new staggering rules allow the user to input his detailed test strategies into Mania Belgium's expert-system fixture-generation programs.

All automation rules are set up directly on-screen using Mania Belgium's clear dynamic automation menus without the need for time-consuming programming.


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