LUMEN MICRO2000 (C) Lighting Technologies Inc

Lumen Micro 2000 hosts an impressive list of new features. Among other features and improvements, the following features were introduced in version 2000:

Color Renderings - now you can add color to your design. Lumen Micro allows you to specify any color for included surfaces - interior or exterior.
AutoCAD DWG / DXF Support - import and export of AutoCAD DWG / DXF files has been significantly improved. Support for AutoCAD 2000 is also included.
Auto Layout - enter your target light level and LM will automatically create and position fixtures to produce the correct light levels.
New CAD Features - the CAD is faster than ever, with new dynamic Orbit and Pan modes added. You can also view your drawing with hidden line removal and in solids.
HTML Output - save your output as HTML files for easy communication across the Internet.
Product Library - LTI's extensive product library has been updated to include even more products from 70 lighting manufacturers.
There are many other enhancements that have improved the overall performance and ease-of-use of Lumen Micro.

Standard Features

Lumen Micro 2000 includes the following standard features:

Windows Interface - Lumen Micro utilizes the Windows operating systems to provide you with a familiar graphical user interface.
CAD Interface - Rooms, objects, and luminaires can be inserted, moved, copied, and deleted with the mouse. Numerous three dimensional views provide excellent visualization and manipulation capabilities.
Product Library - Lumen Micro comes with a photometric library of approximately 20,000 products from 70 manufacturers.
Lumen Helper - a step-by-step checklist for producing a lighting layout.
CAD Import/Export - Import and export DXF and DWG files to assist you in producing lighting designs.
Photorealistic Renderings - View a grayscale or color rendering of your design to confirm that your appearance and visibility goals have been achieved. The renderings provided by Lumen Micro are based upon years of research into accurate reproduction of visual response.
Object Library - Lumen Micro includes a library of predefined objects, including partitions, tables, and chairs that can be added to your design with the click of a mouse.
Formatted Output - Print professional looking output in seconds. Lumen Micro includes a variety of report types.
Integrated Link to AutoDesk's Lightscape 3.2 - Enables you to use Lightscape to generate photo-realistic color renderings of your Lumen Micro projects.
Pole Configuration - Create custom poles or select from a library of preset configurations.
Roadway Lighting Calculations - Add a roadway to your site plan and calculate roadway luminance, RP-8 compliance.
Iso-Templates - Graphical display of the distribution of the individual luminaires, poles, or racks to assist you in placement.
Improved Luminaire Aiming and Placement - Place and aim luminaires in one easy step, and moving your aiming point will automatically re-aim your luminaires.
CAD Functionality - Lumen Micro allows you to select objects via windowing, it features improved zooming, panning, and refresh speed in CAD views, and it utilizes layers like AutoCAD's.
Enhanced Control of Contour Maps - Allows you to control every aspect of iso-contour generation.
Unlimited Grid Size - Create calculation grids of unlimited size with an unlimited number of calculation points.
Project File Merging - Merge multiple project design files into a single project file. Now you and others can work simultaneously on different parts of a large design.
Custom Output - New functionality allows you to customize any output to any size, including standard blueprint and plotter sizes; allows you to create detailed blueprints that include your company logo, title block, luminaire schedule, site plan, etc.
Auto-Recalc - This new feature for outdoor lighting analyses provides on-the-fly recalculation as changes are made to the design.
Integrated Quantity Estimator - You can automatically determine how many luminaires are required to achieve your target illuminance level.
Sports Light Rack Configuration - Create custom racks ideal for sports and floodlighting projects.
Statistical Areas - The addition of statistical areas allows you to view calculated statistics on specified areas of any size or shape.
Shaded Plots of Calculation Grids - Generate gray-scale shaded plots for individual calculation grids and see them in CAD views.
Global Daylighting Maps - Global maps make the determination of longitude and latitude for daylighting analysis as simple as clicking on your location.
Undo - Single step undo allows you to backtrack to the previous action.
Electronic Documentation - Lumen Micro includes an electronic manual with hyper-text links.
Free Product Support - All LTI products come with 30 days of free telephone support from the date your copy is licensed. In addition, customers may utilize unlimited free email and fax support.

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