DHI proudly presents the MIKE 2008 software
Release 2008 of DHI's MIKE software includes many new important features and significant performance improvements, which will further help our users and inevitably push the boundaries of modelling even further.

Two important keywords characterize the improvements in Release 2008: Performance and usability. Rapidly increasing data amounts and larger models have put strong demands on today's modelling tools and their ability to handle massive datasets and to execute simulations with large and complex models. We are inevitably happy to announce that Release 2008 is meeting these demands beyond our own expectations.

Release 2008 introduces parallel processing for some of the most computational demanding packages. This along with some additional performance improvements and reduction of memory use results in stunning performance increases compared to the previous release.

Inherently, the performance of our flood modelling packages is greatly enhanced through the implementation of the support for multi-core CPUs. In addition, the Release 2008 of our flood modelling packages includes significant improvements in terms of flexibility and new features including a completely new numerical engine.

Likewise, the Studio versions of the water resources packages have been combined into one comprehensive package for basic, river hydraulic and integrated hydrological modelling in Release 2008. Similarly, our many ground water users may furthermore takes advantage of a very attractive time-limited 2-in-One package offer.

Our many urban users may benefit from the support of the 9.2 release of ArcGIS which among other greatly improves the performance when working with large models. Besides, MIKE URBAN 2008 is also available in an enterprise version supporting ArcSDE. This gives true multiuser and workgroup functionalities unsurpassed by any other modelling software.

For further news on the numerous improvements in Release 2008, please have a look at the four application areas or our 2008 virtual product catalogue.

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