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New General Features:
The Prescription Report now optionally lists all the dependent data files used by the optical system, including glass catalogs, coating files, DLL's, CAD files, and others. This makes it much easier to identify all the files used by a particular design file for backup and archiving purposes.
There are now no limits on the number of angle and wavelength points used in coatings defined by tables.
The maximum number of coatings per coating file has been increased to 500.

New Sequential Features:
The Huygens PSF and PSF Cross Section now display the real, imaginary, and phase data.
The Geometric Image Analysis now supports 3 options for the reference: chief ray, vertex, or primary wavelength chief ray.
The Physical Optics Propagation feature has an improved method for propagating through optical surfaces that eliminates some artifacts the old algorithm potentially had when incident upon steeply tilted surfaces.

New Non-Sequential Features:
ZEMAX now traces rays through Imported, Boolean, and Swept objects significantly faster than earlier versions. For some test cases, the ray tracing is more than 5 times faster.
Filter X_HITFACE2 added to test if a ray segment hit a specific face on an object exactly "b" times.
An improved algorithm reduces annular artifacts from the ABg scattering distribution.
NSDD now allows clearing of any specific detector, as well as all detectors.

New ZPL Features:
A powerful new group of features for making surface, contour, grey scale, and false color plots has been added. See the new documentation for information on the new PLOT2D keyword, and the Knowledge Base article How to Use the PLOT2D Keyword in ZPL.
A group of new features has been added to support the insert, delete, query, and modification of tolerance data operands. The new keywords are INSERTTOL, DELETETOL, and SETTOL. The new functions are TOLV, $TOLOPERAND, $TOLCOMMENT.
MODIFYSETTINGS has been extended to support many of the Huygens PSF Cross Section options and adds control of the data type for the Huygens PSF.
MODIFYSETTINGS has been extended to support rotation of the Geometric BitMap Image analysis feature.
SETSURFACEPROPERTY and SPRO now support coordinate return solves.

New Extension Features:
Data items have been added to insert and delete multi-configuration and optimization operands.

Bugs Fixed:
The May release introduced a change to the thermal index which was incorrect. The index data computed by previous releases was correct. The previous behavior has been restored.
The CL and CT term labels were interchanged in the Seidel Diagram plot.
The XENF optimization operand had a small offset error that made it's results inconsistent with the (correct) XENC values.
The extruded object, when used as a source object, could trace rays in the wrong direction from the object surface.
The Source Diode would generate incorrect distributions for non-integral values of the super-Gaussian factor.

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